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SEO Strategists. Digital Marketing Professionals. Trainers

We are a full-service agency that goes beyond providing paid and organic search engine optimization services. We have clients who seek our expertise and consult with us regarding existing campaigns, and others come to us for certification and training.

We focus on business growth as a whole. We may set baselines and targets, but these are merely a part of the bigger picture that we want to achieve for you: a strong online presence and branding that draws not just website views but loyal customers.

iSpace Logix accomplishes this by creating the best digital marketing strategy for every client and executing those campaigns expertly. 

Everything You Need in One Agency

Establish your presence online, build your brand, and earn your target audience’s trust and patronage through SEO, PPC, Social Media and Video Marketing, and more.
Re-examine your ongoing campaigns and find out if they are worth your time and resources.
Become a certified digital marketer, and be an asset to your company or future clients.

How We Can Help You

Any of the three services streams we offer can bring value to your business.

Our Digital Marketing team has you covered on services that primarily focus on making your website rank on Google search engine results pages. The Top 3 search results on Page 1 get over 75% of all user clicks, and less than 1% of users click anything at all from Page 2. Ranking is very important, and we help you get to the top of searches for products and services you offer. 

Our Consulting team offers honest insights on how to improve your existing campaigns. With our recommendations, you can make the most of your digital marketing budget and achieve satisfactory results on time.

Our Training team teaches you about the industry and the valuable skills needed by aspiring digital marketers. With this service, you can learn how to become competent strategists for your company or future clients.

What our clients say

I never regret each dollar that I pay them. In the one and a half years that we had iSpace Logix as our SEO agency, our website has become just as much of an income generator as our store.
Linda Brannen
iSpace Logix got our company's PPC campaigns back on track after our previous agency failed miserably. They had to make something good from a bad start, and the fact that they were able to succeed is incredible.
Malcolm Cochran
Marketing Head
We were so impressed with their professionalism as consultants and the recommendations they gave us. Hiring them to take over our SEO campaigns was a no-brainer. We're happy with the work they do and the results we see.
Benjamin Vogel

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At iSpace Logix, you’ll find a level of expertise that blows the competition today. 

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